About Us

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Hands for Paws is a Georgia Department of Agriculture licensed, foster-based rescue.  We do not operate a physical shelter.  All cats rescued are cared for by fosters while waiting for their forever home. We are a registered nonprofit with 501(c)3 status, so donations are tax-deductible.

Hands for Paws consists of a group of volunteers whose purpose is to raise money for the care of homeless pets. 

While we value the lives of all pets, our focus will be on homeless cats.  The number of stray and unwanted cats is huge and cats are able to reproduce at a much younger age and faster rate than other pets. We think we can make a more significant impact on this problem if we devote all our fundraising, time and energy to caring for these “throw-away” cats.  

Hands for Paws operates in an underserved rural area in North Georgia.  We have a much higher number of homeless animals, combined with a far lower number of potential adopters.  Therefore, our needs are greater than many areas.   These needs also require us to get more creative about solutions to the homeless problems, and finding good homes for the cats that we save.

Working together, we can help provide care and attention to the homeless and needy cats in our community.  Your support of our fundraising and caregiving efforts will be greatly appreciated.