Rhett 3

Rhett came to us through Donna.  I don’t know the entire story, but I think his owner went to an assisted living facility.  The family could not keep him.  He was 10 years old, very obese, had been declawed on all four paws.  He was not too friendly, but apparently the vet said he was okay.  I just felt like he didn’t feel good.  As miracles happen, someone contacted Donna or Patrice through Facebook and wanted him.  This lady’s cat (who looked just like Rhett) had died in October.  She lives in Winston Salem NC so my husband and I drove to Spartanburg SC one Sunday to deliver Rhett to her.  Patrice did a background check on the lady with her vets in Winston Salem.  I can’t find the exact dates, but this took place in February.  He stayed with us about 10 days.