Sonny was not a foster, but he came from the Baldwin Feral Colony.  Last November, the caretaker noticed that he was a newcomer and that he was young and friendly.  Eventually the caretaker was able to catch him(did not have to trap) in December.  He was taken to Cornelia Vet.  Combo test showed that he had Feline Leukemia.  Initially, Donna was going to have him euthanized, but a friend of hers (cat person) offered to take him to her home.  She takes in FELUK cats and keeps them comfortable until their death.  So the decision was made that HFP would pay for his vet bills, neuter, and donate money to the lady that took him.  He is with her now and she keeps Donna posted on his well-being.  This is not something we can do regularly!  It was quite a bit of money, but at the time we decided it was the right thing to do.