Spay & Neuter

Low Cost Spay/Neuter Options in North Georgia

Additional Options:

Habersham Humane Society(HHS)

 Humane Society of Northeast Georgia

  • This is a full service clinic located at 845 West Ridge Road, Gainesville, GA 30501. 
  • Their spay/neuter fee is $60-$80 depending on the animal.  
  • Telephone is 770-532-6617.  


  • This organization offers discount certificates which reduce the cost of spay/neuter services at our local veterinarians.  
  • The costs of certificates are $35-$90 depending on animal. 
  • Telephone is 770-662-4479.  

Habersham Animal Control and Shelter

At times, the shelter is able to offer low cost spay/neuter services. 

Contact the shelter at 706-839-0195 or email Madi Hawkins at  


Please be a good citizen and take advantage of one of these programs.


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