What We Do

Every life saved is a life celebrated.  The expenses involved in saving lives can be extremely high.  This is why we need help to continue doing what we do.

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Each donated dollar contributes toward the basic expenses of both saving and caring for cats, and assuring that we do our part to prevent future overpopulation problems.

These are some of our ongoing expenses:

Cat food is needed to support feral cat colonies and the cats that are in foster care waiting for their forever homes.  When needed, we help Habersham County Animal Shelter purchase cat food for the cats that are housed at the shelter.

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Medications.  Cats (like us) get sick. Depending on circumstances, vet checks and medications are needed. 

Testing and Vaccinations.  All cats must be tested and vaccinated for communicable disease.    

Transport Costs. Some cats are transported to rescues in northern states so that their chance for adoption is improved.  

Spay/Neuter. Cats are spayed and neutered as soon as possible. Money for discount spay and neuter surgery is always needed.

Flea Preventatives and Dewormers. Just like dogs, cats must be treated for fleas and worms.  These parasites cause physical damage to cats that can lead to life-threatening illness.